Services we offer here at Sin Norm

varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpJh5IwSManpower Supplies

Do you require additional skilled workers for your projects to keep in line with deadline? However, you do not like to go through the hassle of employment administrative such as finding accommodation, applying work permit, etc. Sin Norm can help to assist you in providing the manpower that you require.


varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpIgMeXrShip Building and Repairs

We help you to maintain close scrutiny on the Design and Production drawings to ensure that the new buildings, conversions are designed and constructed in accordance with the Technical Specifications and Drawings. We also help you do maintenance and repair on your ship at the fastest time possible whenever it is damage.




Are your steel pipe/beams rusty? Do you need a new coat of metal for your withered structure? Sin Norm has employees specialize in the plating of surfaces to improve your structure solderability and wearability with metals such as steel that can help with that.



With shipbuilding/repair and steel structuring comes the requirement for welding. Fortunately, Sin Norm also have a decent number of welders that are available for hire to join your metal through a number of different variations of welding methods that we specialize in.



Steel Structure

Sin Norm has employees that are experienced in the structural design of steel whom can help in the construction of facilities/buildings or maintaining one.



Sin Norm plays a supportive role in marine, offering a various integrated solutions in ship repair, shipbuilding & manpower supply.
With our experienced team, we strive to provide excellent support to our customers.
There’s no compromise between workplace safety and health (WSH) and profitability. We are now bizSAFE certified.